Businesses and industries are unique,

so why pay for a one-size-fits-all solution that simply doesn’t match your needs?


It’s all about considering your own needs for the ideal POS system. Is business management software important? Perhaps portability is a key feature?

  • If you’re not already online, this could be the difference between success and failure this year so why not make the most of gift cards and an eCommerce platform?
  • If you want to make transactions on the go, choose mobile, wireless POS systems and you’ll have full flexibility.
  • Finally, all transactions can be processed on one device with smart terminals and tablet-based systems. Additionally, functionality improves once you consider management software and by linking up a smartphone.


We think that customization is important for bars, restaurants, and cafes. Countertop terminals are perfectly simple if you operate a pay-at-the-counter business. Alternatively, an all-in-one tablet terminal unsurprisingly allows you to do everything under one system; this includes inventory management, introducing promotions based on selling statistics, and entering specific orders and combos with a touch.

What about establishments that offer table service? Make your customer experience more efficient than ever with wireless, portable terminals. Since they have a long battery life, they’ll last the whole shift. Thanks to mobile payment card readers, customers can even pay with smartphones or tablets without leaving the chair (amazing, right?).


What works for a retail company might not work for those in hospitality, and this is important to remember. Your system needs to manage reservations, bookings, and the checkout process. With a countertop and online POS combination, customers can book whenever they’re ready while also paying up easier than ever before.

Also, why drag them to a certain location when smart terminals and mobile payments are now an option?


Considering you have a different mission to most merchants, why not enjoy a payment system that’s different too?

For example, there’s often confusion with interchange-plus pricing and interchange rates. With our payment gateway, everything is kept simple. Your organization will enjoy interchange rates of between 1% and 1.5% which means a reduction in payment processing fees of up to 40% (just think how this money can be put to good use!).

When you partner with SPS, web terminals are customized, and they’ll even support several different currencies. Rather than limiting your charity efforts to one location, why not push for donations abroad? In fact, why only make it a single payment when you can encourage a subscription or membership too?

Gas & Oil

As a service station, you know that the delicate factor of your business is the slim margins. Therefore, you need our interchange-plus pricing policy to help keep all calculations simple. With us, your fees will be straightforward and consistent to allow for planning. You don’t need to worry about nasty surprises, and we can ensure you’re always paying the lowest rates possible.

Whether you need upgrades or POS systems for expansion, our solutions will integrate with your existing technology so there’s no disruption to business.

Multi-Currency Systems

As we touched upon for the charitable organizations, multi-currency systems are available, and this is essential if you want to operate online and become a multinational entity. With this option, customers can pay in a currency that suits them and they don’t need to worry about fees. Luckily, the conversions are calculated using the exchange rate each day so it’s no extra effort for you either.

  • Have you considered several bank accounts just to take payments from different countries? Well, this is no longer required because it can all be done through one account.
  • Did you know that people tend to click away from a website rather than searching for an option to change the currency? You don’t have to cut off a healthy portion of the market when you can use clever plugins or systems that ensure that each customer sees products in their own currency.

Level 3 Processing

Did you know that lower processing fees are available for government and corporate credit cards? If not, you aren’t alone, but you could be saving up to 40% on payment processing costs with business to government (B2G) and business to business (B2B) transactions. You can achieve this with Level 3 processing.

Depending on the card type, MasterCard and Visa both apply three levels of interchange fees; Level 1 processing (the one with the highest fees) is applied to consumer card transactions. Meanwhile, Levels 2 and 3 processing are available for the following business cards;

  • Corporate
  • Commercial
  • Purchasing
  • Fleet
  • Government
  • MasterCard

Why do most businesses avoid this and miss out on the savings? Because standard payment terminals don’t capture the essential information required for Level 2 and 3 transactions. If you can’t obtain information regarding invoice numbers, business names, business addresses, product codes, freight codes, and tax amounts, the interchange-plus pricing will remain high. Thankfully, the card-issuing bank receives much more information about Level 3 transactions which means the interchange rates are lower. If you set this up with your merchant account, all the line item details are entered automatically, and you’ll enjoy interchange rates of between 1% and 1.5%.