Before making a decision, we understand you need to know the charges involved. Therefore, we use interchange-plus pricing, so you see where every cent is going for every debit and credit card transaction.

Interchange-Plus Pricing
This is how we calculate it:

We are all about transparency. With transparency, you see where your money goes and can verify the rates.

Components of Your Fees

You don’t have to mold your business around a fixed service, our service adjusts to accommodate you.

Why should all the banks have the power? It is time merchants had some too.


You’ve probably seen this all over our website, but it’s true. There are no nasty surprises, no hidden costs, and you’ll see exactly where your money goes.

Customization is Key

If you’ve spoken to other services, we can almost guarantee they didn’t seem interested in learning about your business. Instead, they switched the conversation to their fixed processing fees, and they hoped this would be enough to persuade you. The problem with this approach is that the rates and services aren’t adjusted to your needs.

When you contact SPS, we ask for a recent statement from your existing payment processor. By doing this, our brilliant team can analyze the numbers and where money can be saved. Among other things, we’ll consider;

  • Volume
  • Card Type
  • Number
  • Amount
  • Transaction Environment

Eventually, you’ll have a pricing structure that suits your operating model and sales figures, and we’ll choose the right payment processors for your tailored rates.