At SPS, we’re always looking for opportunities to team up with professional POS developers. When you have software or a particular device, the best way to get it to your end user (merchants) is to integrate it with a payment platform and get the support of processors and banks. While we focus on the infrastructure behind it all, you can concentrate on optimizing your technology.

There are three benefits of working with us;


We like customized payment solutions because it allows merchants the profits they need; by working together, you can offer a value-added proposition, a package that suits their needs while improving your own product. Don’t worry if you only cover one specific niche, we can offer payment solutions that fit perfectly. Suddenly, merchants have everything under one POS and payment processing system, and you shine brighter than the competition.


The best way to get your product into the hands of the most is to ensure its compatibility with the payment networks of processors; something with which we can help since we work alongside most of the biggest processors in North America. You don’t have to worry about losing prospective customers because of a lack of support ever again.


With our interchange-plus pricing model, there’s no hassle nor any confusion. As well as saving your clients some money, the one-to-one service we provide is invaluable. If ever you have a question, our integration and rate specialists will be on hand for both merchants and developers.