The benefits of working together are clear for members of buying groups, merchant associations, and chamber of commerce; merchant services are exactly the same.

At SPS, we can offer a tailored service depending on what your association wants and needs. In this short guide, we’re going to discover how and why all your members will benefit from improved costs and a simpler process!

Tailored Experience

Wait, we aren’t going to start promising payment processing rates? Nope, because everything we do is customized (and provides better value for money too). We understand that one-size-fits-all solutions normally suit nobody, so there’s no industry-specific or flat rates.

In fact, we’ve worked with businesses in the same association that needed something slightly different because their sales volume, size, and operating model is unique. Before anything else, we want to learn about YOU and offer a solution that all your members will love.

Interchange-plus pricing and assessment fees will be the fixed expenses since this is the foundation of the pricing structure. From here, the processing fee is the only thing added on top (this is set by MasterCard and Visa).

If you want to learn more about interchange-plus pricing and other finer details, take a look at our policy. We aim to be the most transparent around.

We believe our service to be stronger than the competition because we also provide a scalable solution (you grow and we’ll be right beside you!), we can help emerging-sector businesses and charities/nonprofits, we can assist startups, and the payment package will boost revenue while making it more attractive for prospective members.

Stronger Together

We’ve got the payment solutions, you’ve got the merchants, it’s a match made in heaven. When you succeed, we do too.

It’s no hassle, we partner with all your members once your association has partnered with SPS. As we save from the total number of transactions, the cost of marketing and reaching out to individual merchants is negated. Not only is this great for us, it means you enjoy these savings too. It doesn’t stop here; your lower cost on payment processing is passed onto merchants and they have an incentive to choose your association.

Customer Support

We hate it when companies are impossible to reach and reject calls after we invest money, so we don’t put our customers through the same thing. As well as basing our customer service team in Montreal, we help with every step of setting up (you won’t be alone!).

From here, your merchants’ processing will run smoothly, and we’ll take responsibility when it doesn’t. Finally, your association will have a dedicated representative ready to look after you. Our client turnover is low because associations and merchants want to stay and reap the rewards of our profitable partnership.

Competitiveness and Convenience

We’ve seen merchants struggle with several different POS suppliers, web developers, and payment processors. Therefore, we’ve compiled all these services into one place to save you time, money, and hassle.

There are many benefits to consolidating everything into one package;

  • Your members don’t have to waste time searching for payment processors
  • The package is tailored to your needs
  • The solution has been tried and tested by other businesses
  • You can offer scalable and transferable options

In fact, it goes further than this because we can educate all members about smart payment processing. Thanks to our wonderful association representatives, we’re able to provide webinars and other informational tools for learning. When everybody involved is more knowledgeable, better decisions are made and revenue can increase (while also enjoying less stress and more peace of mind).


As long as you have the transactions, we have the platform for you to excel. If you ask any of our current clients, they’ll tell you that partnering with us helps to boost revenue. How? Because your customers will enjoy the services and technology at an affordable price.

Elsewhere, each ISO is assigned marketing, management, and customer service specialists for whenever you need assistance. Meanwhile, all you need to do is focus on growing the brand and reaching out to more and more customers.

You’ll Enjoy

  • Next-generation technology
  • Simplicity with interchange-plus pricing
  • An all-in-one POS system, mobile payment, credit/debit card processes, payment gateways, gift cards, eCommerce, and lots more
  • Passionate and dedicated team
  • Competitive payment processing rates