Who We Are

Based in Orange Country, California, Simple Processing Solutions (SPS) has one mission; finding an optimized payment solution regardless of whether the client is young, old, big, small, independent, or otherwise.

With transparency from the very beginning, you’ll have access to an eCommerce platform, point of sale system, and debit/credit card processing. When processing transactions, you can be confident that our brokers have found the best processing rates for you. SPS wants you to have the competitive edge at all times.

Our Four Key Values

You don’t have to mold your business around a fixed service, our service adjusts to accommodate you.

Why should all the banks have the power? It is time merchants had some too.


You’ve probably seen this all over our website, but it’s true. There are no nasty surprises, no hidden costs, and you’ll see exactly where your money goes.

Customer Service

All our team members are passionate, dedicated, and ready to offer the type of personalized service that large payment processors and banks simply cannot offer.

Our Story

It all began for us in 2010 when we wanted to expand our Orange County, California, US-based merchant service. Originally, it was a desire to help those who didn’t know how regulations worked as well as those who fell on the wrong side of the regulations’ lean towards banks and high processor’s rate. We noticed that merchants were paying more than necessary, and they weren’t even being offered new POS equipment and updated technology…we knew instantly that this had to change.

We could have narrowed down into one market, but SPS had bigger aspirations and went for a comprehensive service. This way, we could help businesses of all shapes, sizes, and available resources (and we have!). Our POS systems are high-quality, our card processing rates are competitive, and our merchants will always have a helping hand whenever they need it!

Join the Team

In order to offer the high-quality service on which we pride ourselves, we need to attract the very best talent. When applying to SPS, it’s more than an interview; we want you to become a family member. We don’t want you to be nervous or scared because you won’t show off your best aspects, so we treat YOU like a special guest.

The majority of our team have grown alongside the business itself because we harness a team culture and encourage employees to be free in what they’re doing.

Lead Generator – English

We’re based in Orange County, California, and we want to help businesses of all sizes to find efficient and tailored payment solutions.

Currently, we’re searching for a self-motivated, talented individual who will be in charge of prospective, qualifying, and then generating leads that come into the business. They will also contribute to growing the organization as a whole and developing new prospects.

You are:

  • Self-motivated
  • Determined
  • Passionate about making a difference
  • Competitive
  • Confident in talking to others
  • Forward-thinking

Required qualifications:

  • One year of cold calling (minimum) (REQUIRED)
  • Six months as a lead generator in the merchant processing industry (Desired)
  • Ability to persuade and communicate
  • Experience with Outlook and Microsoft Office

Key responsibilities:

  • Generate leads through cold calling
  • Identify the most valuable prospects and follow up on leads
  • Develop relationships with prospects and use communication to get them through the sales funnel
  • Work closely with the head of sales to grow the sales pipeline

Why choose SPS?

  • Cash bonuses
  • Promotion opportunities
  • Awards and gift cards

Choose a business that values your talent and provides you with opportunities to grow. We can learn, grow, and succeed together!
If you’re interested in applying, please send your resume to careers@simpleprocessingsolutions.com